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Route2Cloud provides the cloud based routing solutions that enable businesses and consumers to compete on a level playing field without having to make the upfront and continuing investments in sophisticated technologies.



Automated Call Distribution (ACD) services will provide a consistent experience for your callers and prioritize your inbound call traffic. 

Call Tracking allows you to gain the insight you need to understand who is calling you and to effectively understand how your marketing investment is performing in real time. 

Cloud Routing allows you to route calls to multiple distributed contact centers or locations or assigned to secondary queues such as IVR or specialized ACD skill groups.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) can connect phone callers through voice or touch tone commands with a computer database. It can accept a question, access the company’s database and provide a caller with the information they are seeking.

Outsourced Agents  Our strategic partnership with TOG® can provide you with the management team and dedicated agent model that they provide to their clients with a true extended office and remote staffing solution.

Predictive Dialing   Boost productivity and streamline your operations no matter what business you are in. With built in scripting tools and web-based administration, Hosted Predictive software is sold as an on-demand service, and can be adjusted up or down as your business requirements dictate.

Unified Communications is the perfect solution for small business owners or individual who need to create an office image without having to purchase any equipment or maintain a location.  

The Virtual Office is a virtual PBX that can answer your calls and play a recorded message with different options for callers, just like a regular auto attendant.

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